League NIght

League Chairperson

Phone Number


Monday MenAl Zelmerazelmer@sdcglobal.net
Monday Night MooseDon Welsh(269) 876 – 6213
Tuesday Morning Ladies Shelia Wachs(269) 362 – 1484
Tuesday Evening MenJerry Claxtonjclax@att.net
Tuesday Evening SwingersMaryJane Lorance(269) 683 – 7145
Wed. Night American LegionGreg Coda(574) 246 – 1032
Thursday Evening MenMike Dregits
(574) 532 – 3005
Thursday Evening LadiesRonda Nietch
(269) 683 -6825
Friday Night CouplesJeff Levygolfinglevys@comcast.net

We will bend over backwards to accommodate any reasonable request but remember: First Come, First Served. The fairways of Brookwood play host to a number of leagues through the season and we would like to please them all. Whether it be a service organization, corporate office, couples gathering, or a skins league, we cater to ´em all. Call the pro shop for more info: (269) 695-7818. It´s never too early to sign up for this season, or the next!


A special Thank You goes out to all of those who have spent their summer mornings, afternoons, or evenings with us here at Brookwood while enjoying their League!